Slot Volatility: Understanding High, Medium and Low Variance Slots

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question what is slot volatility? Or simply wanted to reaffirm your understanding of the high, medium, and low variance slots and how they can improve your strategy, we are about to tell you everything you need to know!

Having an understanding of the slot games you’re playing is obvious when it comes to strategising your chances of winning. The online slots have more to them than the rules of the game. There are also things such as RTP percentages and slot variance or volatility. We’re going to look at slot volatility in detail.

Slot Volatility Explained

The volatility of a slot can be used to aid a player by understanding the type of game they’re playing and the experience the game is going to offer. A slots volatility will determine the frequency in which the game pays winnings to the player in any given session, and offer an indication of the size of these wins.

Pretty much comes down to this. Does the slot game you’re playing payout more frequently or less frequently? If the game pays out more frequently then it tends to pay lower amounts. Games that payout less frequently will pay larger amounts. This brings the Sun to the different variances of slot games.

What Does Low, Medium and High Volatility Mean?

The volatility of slots is associated with low, medium or high. Low volatility is given to a game that pays out more frequently but with smaller amounts. Slots with medium volatility will pay out a little less often than low variance games, however, their wins will be a little bit more substantial. High volatility slots payout few and far between but when they do, look out for some juicy wins.

Why Is A Slot Volatility Important?

The volatility of a slot will help determine the path in which your gaming session could take. Knowing the volatility of the games you’re playing will help you to strategise your experience and get the most out of your time playing. It comes down to your gaming preferences and what you’re looking to get out of your casino experience.

Which Slot Volatility Should I Chose?

Here are is a Q&A that will help lead you to the type of slot volatility that suits your gaming preference.

  1. Are you playing simply to win money or are you playing to enjoy the games?
  2. Do you have a large amount of disposable income that you don’t mind losing?
  3. Are you looking to stretch out your gaming experience for as long as possible?

Now you’ve asked yourselves these questions, let’s determine the games that suit your preference.

If your answers went like this: Q1 – To enjoy the games. Q2 – No. Q3 – Yes. You’re more suited to Low Variance slots. This is because low variance games pay out more frequently so your budget will last longer, letting you enjoy more games for longer on a smaller budget.

If your answers went like this: Q1 – Both. Q2 – Kind Of. Q3 – Yes and No? You’re more suited to Medium Variance slots. If you’re a mix of yes/no answers then medium variance games will suit you best. You can get the best of both worlds here. Some fairly frequent and impressive wins that won’t eat through your bankroll straight away.

If your answers went like this: Q1 – Win Money. Q2 – Yes. Q3 – No. You’re more suited to High Variance slots. If you’re seeking those glory wins and don’t mind risking some cash to get them, you’re going to want to check out High Volatility slots.

Of course, this isn’t a proven formula but it knowing the answers will put you in the right direction when choosing your next slots experience.