Become A Casino Review Expert – How To Chose An Online Casino!

how to chose an online casino

Are you new to playing at online casinos and want to know how to get started choosing the perfect online casino experience? Or perhaps you know a thing or two already and just want to brush up on your review skills? Well, we know more than most about what makes the brightest online casinos sparkle as, after all, we are the Online Casino Review specialists… or at least, we like to think so!

This guide will turn you into a casino review expert and provide you with a set of skills that’ll make even the most acclaimed casinos sweat. Rate and review online casinos like a professional and never settle for second best again!

Review Casinos Like An Expert!

Knowing what to look for in order to fully evaluate and review an online casino is the first place to start. Think of it like you’re going on a road trip and you’re trying to choose the right car for the drive. If the machine you’re working with doesn’t have all the parts then it’s destined to break down or cause you some trouble down the road. Equally, if you’re driving all that way and it isn’t fun, fast or exciting to use, then what’s the point? No one wants to drive a Fiat Panda when they could be blasting across the land in a supercar like a maniac on a mission! We’re aiming to pick that casino, the site that’s packed with features, games, bonuses and has an attitude that says, what’s next?

What is an Online Casino?

Might be a basic place to start but we’re not ruling out any reader’s expertise. An online casino is a virtual equivalent to a land-based casino and works in much of the same way. It is a website that enables customers to wager money on casino games with the hope of winning money back. All the games you will find at a physical casino can be played online in one form or another, with advancements in technology opening up the entertainment possibilities to new heights every year.

Are all Online Casinos the Same?

An Online Casino is broken down into three categories. Instant Play, Mobile and Download. These vary depending on the user preference but a fair number of casinos offer all three options.

The most popular by far is the Instant Play Casino. These are website casinos that can be enjoyed by playing straight from the browser of your chosen device. Often with mobile and desktop versions, you don’t need to download anything to begin, just log in!

Downloadable casinos were once the most popular, back before internet connections were reliable. These casinos can be enjoyed without the risk of an internet connection failing. They are still used today mind you as not all countries/regions can rely on a non-stop wi-fi connection like the lucky city dwellers amongst you.

Mobile Casinos are the newest type of casino and have boomed in recent years thanks to bigger and better portable devices. These can be played in Instant Play as well as be downloaded to your mobile phone in the form of an application. Unlike downloadable casinos, you require a constant internet connection to play at these but with 4G and WiFi, most players chose mobile entertainment over anything else.

Checking Their Gambling License

The thing to check is to make sure the casino has a gambling license. These are the governing bodies that ensure a casino follows a set number of rules and guidelines. The most important procedures put in place make sure the odds you are playing against are fair and not manipulated, but also that your private information is kept hidden by encryption and firewall technology. The list of checks they make goes on but a gambling license is a vital requirement so ensure that they either have a UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, or a little more sketchy but still a license, Curacao gambling license. The UK and Malta licenses are much more stringent than a Curacao license, so look out for these two icons at the bottom of the casino site to be 100% safe!

Do and Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

As you start to look about casinos you’ll soon get a feel for the brands/sites that look the part and those that don’t. For the most part, a casino needs to invest a lot of time, effort and money into making a site look great so this is a good cue to whether or not they are worth your time. If you load a site that’s slow, clumpy and the graphics look about 10 years old then the site probably is and will not perform at the level of the Best Online Casinos. That being said, there are a few wolves in sheep’s clothing so regardless of how good a site looks, make sure to check a review site such as ours to double-check they hold up to their claims. Similarly, make sure to check the bonus details! If a bonus looks awesome then you must, must, must check the terms and conditions as sometimes they truly are too good to be true. This is what we will look at next.

Check The Terms and Conditions

It’s boring and no one ever does it but a casino has to disclose all of the nitty-gritty details that they are offering players who play with them in their T&Cs. This is how they rule out any legal responsibilities in the event of a dispute so it’s hugely important to read over these, especially the Bonus terms and conditions if nothing else.

Terms and conditions state many things. What a bonus means and what is required to withdraw money from them, as well as deposit and withdrawal conditions that might limit how much you can withdraw or deposit per day. This is all vital information and is often how we chose the best from the worst. If they’re making you wager 200x your bonus amount then that’s a red flag off the bat as if they’re this dishonest from the start, what else are they willing to do? Read as much of the T&Cs as you can bring my mind to as you’ll be surprised what information you’ll discover here (partly why they make the font so small!)

Try Out A Casino’s Customer Support

Testing out support options is always handy as if you did ever need some help, you want to make sure that they are easy to contact and willing to answer your questions. The last thing you want is to be stuck withdrawing your winnings with no one around to assist.

Support comes in many ways. FAQ pages, contact forms or the king of all kings, live chat. A rule of thumb is, don’t play at a casino without Live Chat, there’s no need to! So many of the best casinos have it available and it means you’ll be talking with a support representative within minutes, not waiting around for an email response that could take forever.

Casino Payment Methods

Making sure a casino has a decent amount of payment methods is always useful for obvious reasons but you also want to take a look at their withdrawal timeframes.

Gaming is made that much easier when you’re playing with your preferred currency and depositing method, but it’s always worthwhile checking each of the banking methods to find out their withdrawal times. These can usually be found within the banking section of the casino site, via a quick link from the footer of the casino or in their T&Cs.

Believe it or not, some casinos will tactically hold onto your winnings for as long as possible in the hope that you’ll cancel it and start playing again! If you’re looking to withdraw all of your winnings instantly (or as close to) then chose an E-wallet option such as Neteller. Just like PayPal or any other e-wallet, you can withdraw your winnings to your account within minutes and deposits are equally as quick requiring a simple ID number. It’s also a lot safer than trusting a casino with all of your card details and a bit more private than having all of your transactions listed on your bank statement.

Also, find out what you’re required to do in order to process a withdrawal. Some casinos will let you deposit but not withdraw any money until all of your secure documents, ID and address are verified, so make sure you’re not caught out gathering a load of documents you may or may not have to get your hands on your money!

A tip that goes without saying, always check all these details before you deposit any of your hard-earned money. The quickest way to find out all of this info is to fire up the Live Chat support and ask them!

Simply put… “Can I deposit using X currency via the X payment method and how long does a withdrawal take to process? Do I need to have my account verified in order to process a withdrawal from my account? What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?” Fire that into a live chat window with your relevant currency and payment method and they will tell you what you need to know.

High Roller Tip – If you’re playing with large sums of money then check the Maximum and Minumum deposit/withdrawal sums. Each casino will have a cap on how much they will release per day, week or month depending on the site. So be savvy to the fact that you won’t be able to withdraw your full sum at the click of a button.